Optimal Poker Strategies

Strategies of the Poker Players: The word poker itself means to mask your face in order to hide the expressions and behave as if you have no emotions. Optimal Poker Strategies are also related to this definition of poker. A good player is supposed to pretend in front of his opponent that he going to take a particular move in the game which he might not actually take. This trick and other tactful plays involved in poker strategies can help you to win the game with ease. If you are a beginner and does not have much information about poker games or the tactful techniques then you are at the right place. Even those poker experts who had already mastered themselves with this game can find this article helpful as it will add to their former information.

Before understanding the different poker strategies you must be aware of those different categories in which poker players are placed. These categories are discussed below:

Categorization of Poker Players:

  • Tight Passive
  • Tight Aggressive
  • Loose Passive
  • Loose Aggressive

Those players who seldom call during the game fall into the categories of tight passive and tight aggressive players. Call basically indicates the scenario in which a player has to match the bet which has already been made by his opponent player. Whereas on the other hand loose passive and loose aggressive are those players which plays more than the average players and calls or raises the bets.

Among all the poker strategies the most important technique is to identify the players in order to place them in the above discussed categories. Some players are also given a nickname which is used as a professional terminology by the highly experienced poker players in order to address their opponents during the game without letting them to know. If you are well acquainted with those nicknames then it can enable you to understand the conversation of others on the deck. These nicknames are discussed below:

Nicknames Assigned to Poker Players:

Aggressive Players:

These players adopt a highly aggressive attitude during the game and become quite choosy in terms of the cards. Such players only initiate the game when they are assured of having good card combinations. Aggressive players can prove to be quite dangerous as you can end up losing your money assets if played against them.

Unpredictable Players:

Unpredictable players can bring you unpredictable risks during the game. Such poker players resist playing unless they get a good hand of their own choice. Their playing tact is very slow but steady. Such players never take a risk in their game. This strategy may not be forceful but can prove to be useful in the long term.

Calling Station:

Usually an amateur player is given the name of a calling station. Such a player goes on calling and raising the bets and do not know when to hold. Such hands can easily be beaten out of the board.


Such players are highly unpredictable and they never let the opponent know about their cards. They always play aggressively regardless of their hands. The maniac style is often used by experienced poker players to win International Tournaments.

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