In poker everyone wonders how much they should raise. Everyone wants to maximize the amount of bet the other person will call. Here is a way which can enable you to decide what the optimum betting amount can be.

First of all what need to be  done is consistency in your betting. You want to keep the person confused as I mentioned in the previous article. A consistent bet does not allow the other person to judge properly if your hand is good or bad because you are doing the same thing in each case. So you have a good hand and you can’t decide what you should do.

Start to think how long have the other players been playing. Usually as the time goes on players become more open with their betting and larger bets can be made. You should also look at the chip stack of the player who is still in the hand with you. If the player has a low chip stack it is probable that the other person if they are putting in the chips have a really good hand, the same goes for the person with the higher chip stack but the lethality of their hand can be doubted.

Most of the times you should raise the amount in the pot but if you see the chances that the other person might not call a large bet then do the minimum bet on the table as to provoke the other player to raise the bet in an attempt to make you fold. Remember your POKER FACE.

When you think the other person might call an even larger bet forexample an all in then you should make the bet in an attempt to make it look like your bluffing.

Remember don’t use the same tactics every type as this would make you very predicatble.

Betting after the flop

The betting after the slop can be said to be 80% of the factual hand of a poker round. If you are sitting at a table with a mind set of playing tactfully not depending on luck, which is the way how everyone should play. Then the flop is pretty much the point where a poker hand is dictated.

You can play a flop by checking and raising. You can be in a predicament where you cannot decide if the flop is good for you or not. Forexample you have a 1 card straight waiting meaning you have the cards 6,8 in your hand and the flop opens up A,5,9.

After the flop someones raises the flop, now your in a situation where you cant decide if you should let the hand go or take the risk. Remember the saying “You gotta risk it, to get the biscuit”. That applies in poker but you can’t do that every time you are in this kind of a situation.

It helps if you know the playing style of the person who raised. Does that person bluff a lot, does he play it safe. The amount of the raise can also dictate to an extent what the hand of the opponent can be. There are exceptions to everything but mostly people do not raise more then the flop if they don’t have a good hand.

You might have to call a hand and you might loose but remember every hand you play is giving you knowledge for the future hands to come. About what you should be doing. Consistency is the key here. Some people tend to hide their hand by betting more or betting less but what they fail to realize is that every different act is giving away vital information.

You should bet the amount you normally bet, this way the other person can’t decide if you have a good hand or a bad hand. If they call you and you have a good hand then BINGO!! If you didn’t have a good hand then you get to see what the turn card is, if your hand is still lacking in power then you know that it is time to fold.

Poker Tournament

The game spreading in youth’s minds just like multiplication of rabbits is POKER! It is flourishing so fast these days that people win a championship and write a book on poker strategies. This is the best topic for them and the players feel literal satisfaction in discussing their hands, pots and flushes.

As it continued to collect fame from North America to Europe, Australia and finally Asia where countries like Pakistan are present, it was so intriguing that now proper tournaments are held and a lot of cash is on stake but people don’t care as this is an addiction they just can’t resist. A poker tournament in general involves a meticulous poker alternative – e.g., the World Championship No Limit Texas Hold’em final event in the World Series of Poker.  The way the tournaments are played depends on the type of tournament structure and scale. But this is a fact that these tournaments are more important to poker players than any FIFA or F1 championship.

The players first need to get themselves registered if they want to participate in the tournament.  Then they are supposed to pay the required buy-in, which is basically the  initial amount of chips that each player will have at the start of the tournament. It can be referred to a participation fee in a fashion show where they want to present their creations like here these players wish to show their psychological and gaming skills off.  Some contests, nonetheless, allow rebuys so players can top up their mound by buying more chips any time they feel like. This kind of feature is available in cash games usually. In a tournament like the Annual World Series of Poker, on the other hand,  rebuys are typically not allowed; once you are done with the pile you already have, you are done with the game, or should we say, the game is done with you. That player is out of the championship, simple as that.

At the end of the day, everyone has an objective related to money, one way or the other. Here too, the final thing is to cover cash. The cash prize is basically decided according to the scale in which the tournament is being held, which can be either a small casino in Las Vegas, or the world championships held in big states of America and Britain. In general, prize money at a bigger tournament is at stake.

Whether it is a multi-table tournament, sit-and-go or even a satellite tournament, a player has to fight his way through all his competitors who have their eyes set on the huge piles of chips which have handsome cash prizes hidden beneath them.

To facilitate these championships, in the tournaments usually blinds rise over the duration of the tournament. Whether if there is a cash game going on, a player’s chips in a tournament cannot be cashed out for money and serve only to determine the player’s placing.

Good or bad, this is a game people have a literal passion about. Even if it’s a tournament or a weekend poker party or a usual once-a-vacation game, the players love it and when at one hand it makes people lose hundreds and thousands of grand’s, on the other hand it gives them a chance to sharpen up their  guessing skills and hit the bulls eye more accurately from time to time.


Pre flop Strategy

Think before you speak is the basic strategy wise people use before communicating so that every word they say is effective. The wise poker players apply the similar strategy while playing their cards. Different people use different approaches and strategies in order to make their play an effective one as it is your own responsibility to see you are not loosing. Pre flop strategy is on of the most widely used techniques in Texas Hold’em.

The greatest error made by the beginners is starting to get into too many hands even more than they can handle. As poker is all about prediction and long term planning, haste makes waste. A successful player always keeps an eagle eye on the ultimate win rather than concentrating on every individual hand. At a table consisting of good players, the count of people considering the flop should be between 20 and 30%, or roughly 2-3 people each hand to make the game work. Before the flop is the main point where the direction of the game is decided, because this is where you have to make your first important decision depending on all of the variables involved with the hand. It is important to make guesses and decisions very carefully before starting the flop in order to get your game successful.

Key points to be taken care of are the number of players, the degree of their aggression or submission, one’s bankroll and position, how much stake can one take, Keep these points right in your head and it will surely help your game favor you. The main points which a player has to remember while using pre-flop strategy are firstly to always keep on raising the pre-flop and only call when you are in blinds and there is an extreme need otherwise just don’t.  Secondly, in raised pot pre-flop rather re-raise or fold than call. Lastly, always decide upon your own starting hands strength, position and quality of the challengers you are face then and there.

If you make an intelligent decision before the flop starts, you can get the rest of the hand in your favor and give yourself the best opportunity to get yourself. However, if you make a bad decision before the flop, you are making a road towards failure and the game will turn the tables at you for a big loss. Getting yourself into a close position or missing out on a probably incentive hand will become something contradictory for you.



Poker tips

Just knowing the strategies and following them is not enough to make all the prize money yours. There are a few tips which one has to keep in mind while playing his cards. Success involves brains and sharpness blended and used in a right way. If a player wishes to be the champ, he is supposed to learn some meaningful tactics and tips.

As far as the strategies of poker are concerned, usually everyone has got their own mixed up ones. But it mainly depends upon the hand you are playing on. You can play aggressive, slow, tilt or bet, it all depends and poker can’t be cracked! Poker is a type of a game which can take minutes to learn and can make you rule it for a lifetime. There are players who don’t make money at all no matter what the bet is and what the limit is. But there are some who learn a little and achieve a lot more than they think. This is the gamble, have it all or nothing at all.

The most common error amateur poker players commit is that they play too many hands which is more than they can successfully handle. When you are naïve to the game of poker, you want to play poker, and that means staying in hands that aren’t very good just to be part of the play. One should always keep in mind that the more poker you play, the more you loose. Getting yourself into every hand is not beneficial.

Poker hand rankings are the ears and eyes of a poker match. When one is dealt his cards, the goal is to make the best hands that you can and rule out your rival. A very important point one should keep in my mind is to be selective about the hands they start with. It should be taken into account that loose players can turn out to be beneficial in poker, but it necessitates significantly more skill to play a loose style profitably. If you tighten up more than required, you will see yourselves spilling your gains into sewers. Another downfall is when the players get themselves going into a rhythm and keep on raising with one hand while shambling with the other. They tend to play a definite array from late position and a tenser range from early position. To be successful, they should play every once in a while to keep the hearts of the challengers guessing while they follow their own game plan.

There are many tips placed on the internet and media by pros. These turn out to be quite useful for the new comers. The main objective is to win. By strategies, by tips, by cheating or by any way you can, when you are playing poker, make sure you want to win, not just play.




All the chips, cash and cards are totally useless until and unless you don’t know when to do and what to do. Play your cards right and you have it all. But, one wrong move can devastate your entire gameplan. It is said that if you touch the right spot at the right time, you can turn ash into cash. This is a prime factor which a player has to keep in mind in order to write his name on the huge stacks of chips he has his eyes on.

It’s like a dream of every poker player, either amateur or professional, to win the WSOP Main event and etch his name in poker history, ultimately becoming a multi-millionaire almost overnight. People envy Chris Moneymaker who finally made it in 2003 at the tournament and the legacy continued and the tournaments of World Series of poker kept on flourishing. It might seem to be an easy task to some, and totally impossible to some. But the main point is that these winners used their brains at right place and in the right time applying proper strategies to gain the prize money.

There are simple poker strategies and some more complex poker strategies. Different strategies are used in different games as in sometimes satellite or computer based poker has different strategies than the game played on land.

Seven-card stud and Limit Texas Hold ’em are the two most prominent names in the line of poker. The reason can be their simplicity as well as their competitiveness and they being inexpensive games. In Texas Hold ’em, all through the first two rounds the minimum bet is three dollars and during the last 2 rounds it turns to 6 dollars which is fixed and is not subject to change and from this we can judge that they are not much costly and in easy reach. When raising, you use the same limits. The usual number of players kept in Hold’em is ten but sometimes as per the need the number of players can get to 11 people. Other possible limits one can come upon are 5/10 or 10/20.

Some important points Hold’em players should remember are that firstly they should just overcards on the flop: one can bet with an ace or two negligible over cards on the slump, but one should fold if someone raises his bet. If someone bets before him on the flop one can call with two overcards, but fold them at the turn unless his hand gets better than. one can call with two major overcards (ie A-J) if someone raises one’s bet on the flop. One can also check-call a bet on the turn with that kind of hand, unless the board looks intimidating.

Not being aware of the bet properly, betting out of turn, folding instead of checking, throwing chips into the pot, not protecting your cards so that if any other player’s cards mix with yours when they throw in their cards your hand is declared dead, throwing a winning hand into the muck, when you immediately throw in your cards if someone calls out a better hand as by this the dealer will declare the winner of the hand. If you missed a better hand than you thought you had you might just be the winner and finally not controlling your emotions like using foul language or temper tantrums are the usual errors made by poker players, specially the amateur players and these are the key causes of their failure in the game. If a person wants to get upto a win, he should first closely learn the poker strategies in order to make sure that he knows everything he needs to know.


Poker for beginners

Poker is a game which is getting common like mushroom colonies spread everywhere,. The game is flourishing day by day and the more it is played the more intriguing and attractive it gets. This obviously makes our teenagers more and more curious and they want to learn poker before they learn how to boil an egg.

Poker is among the most popular games that have extensively been acknowledged by all the casinos throughout the world even if it’s Asia or Europe or any part of United States of America. The budding esteem of the game can be prominently seen from the fact that daily almost millions of people play poker and even the word poker itself is searched over 1 million times a day on the internet. This shows how much attention people are paying to the game and it’s phenomenal.

Poker is a game specially known for its simple rules and less costs. Both these features make it even more exciting for the young ones and they wish to be a pro as soon as they can. As the game and its fame progressed, championships being held and writers and experts started to write a lot about the tips, strategies and key points that should be known for poker. There are several websites and forums present on the internet and they make it quite easy for any person to learn and play poker. The tactics and strategies we get on internet can make a boy expert in not more than a couple of weeks.

Many of us are familiar with the different name this game has. One such amazing new version is played in Texas Holdem, which is the most popular one these days due to its simple rules. In this game after the initial blinds & antes have been positioned, each player gets 2 personal blind cards which are supposed to be kept confidential and any player cannot make it visible until it’s time for the final show. Eagerness, escorted with experience comes handy during the first round of betting which is known as FLOP where 3 community cards are turned above. The TURN and the RIVER card, 4th and 5th in succession are uncovered turn by turn after each round of betting by each player individually.

Then the time for the final showdown arrives and each player uses his intellect to make the best possible 5 card mishmash using personal and community cards. Every player gets a chance to deal once in a round. If at all possible, everyone prefers to use his blinds but antes are always there at their clearance for the safe side and this is when bluffing comes in handy.

Although poker is a game easy to learn and poker for beginners is a term which excited all the amateurs, still it is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of skills, experience and luck to get to the level of a poker champion.



What comes handy when you have nothing else to make you win? Bluffing it is! What do you do when you are stuck because the hand you have is specifically good for nothing? That is what makes an experienced player bluff and show the others that he has a better hand than he has in actual. A successful bluff can actually intimidate the players into folding the hands which have a lot of latent.

This strategy needs a lot of confidence, skill, experience and a good reputation because nobody is going to buy it otherwise. People have their choice to play bluff either with large hand or a small one. The stake is their own. Bluffing is usually called a science rather than an art and good players recognize its judgment is based on skilled scheduling and point in the game. The players who are enough experienced and skillful instantly come to recognize when any opponent is bluffing.

The experienced players master some techniques which are very useful to learn for understanding easily when an opponent is bluffing for example they instantly understand their challengers by observing their gesticulations, traits, and playing models. When the other person changes any of these rapidly, you get to know he is bluffing. Secondly a smart player understands that a very important factor of bluffing in poker is timing and that bluffing is supposed to be done only at important times. Bluffing without extreme need is a foolish step. Good players always keep an eye on their positioning. The succession of betting gives them a great amount of signal of opponent’s hands and decisions and they often take benefit when they are on the last number and all the others have shown their not so successful hands.

Bluffing as a strategy is one of the hardest but most basic parts of poker. The successful players have a firm faith that there is no win without a bluff . Bluffing is no small task, as it requires good poker sense, timing and guts to pull it off. It can be frightening, scary and embarrassing when you are caught, but equally exciting and rewarding when you get away with it.



Online Poker

The ongoing success of poker has ultimately compelled the internet to provide this service to the users just like billions of other services. Online poker is the poker which is played on the internet. Just like the other types, this poker and its fame is increasing like the birth rate of a rabbit. Online poker is stealing the limelight due to its easy excess and an urge of the youth to make acquaintances over the internet. All the people all over the globe love to play online poker almost daily.

Online venues usually are comparatively less costly as they have very little initial costs and expenditures. Like this saves the space of adding another table thus saving the costs because each new table requires new payments in a normal casino. This kind of poker gives the players a chance to even play on low stakes and often offer poker freeroll tournaments (where there is no entry fee), which grabs the attention of the amateurs and clients who have a limited purchasing power. This adds up to the attractiveness of this type,

Another advantage is that there is little or no chance of being cheated in online poker. For example, online poker room have the security personnel to take care of it and only they are allowed to look at the hand history of the cards that are played before by any player which is playing at that time, making the behavioral patterns more feasible to understand and predict as compared to a casino where competing players can simply fold their hands without anyone ever being able to judge their choices. Online poker rooms keep an eye on the IP addresses of the players in order to keep the players from playing on the same tables as this is called as cheating too.

There are a number of prominent websites being run by different entities who offer different features to attract and keep the new beginners they get. There is a common tactic to begin tournaments known as satellites. By this step, the winners gain entry to real-life poker tournaments easily and people are very much willing for this opportunity. It was through one such tournament on PokerStars that Chris Moneymaker won his entry to the 2003 World Series of Poker. He went on to win the main event, causing shock in the poker world, and beginning the poker boom. The World series of 2004 included three times more participants than in 2003. The main point here is that there were more than three players who got this chance to get in WSOP by online play first. Like Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, the winner of the 2004 championship also had this opportunity to enter the tournament by getting chosen after an online play of poker

The addiction for poker and the love of net surfing both are going up head-to-head and the most intelligent step to be taken at this point was to combine both these and this is how they are getting the game and its fame grow eventually.



Is poker more than just skill?

What would we say when a drunkard beggar suddenly starts swimming in millions? Will anyone say it’s his skills that turned the tables within the span of one night? Obviously skills can never be the sole reason of success. How many people do us daily see who work hard and catch a four leaf clover? Everyday people keep on tripping and striving for an income which nonetheless fills their jam jars. So what actually the mind says about it? No, silly, it’s not just about skills and hard work, says our mind, it’s something above that, which can turn the tables on anyone. Yes, it’s the factor of luck, the mightiest factor we have in our road to success.

Poker is not just about knowing it all. The factor of luck counts in too. This is even the observation of experts. But we also cannot say that poker is merely based upon luck. Imagine you have all the right cards, you had your luck in your way and everything seems perfect, but still we all know poker is all about bluffing. Your challenger can bluff you even with the best hand in your pocket if he is skillful enough. Then what are we left with? Experience counts in alot as it is the sole factor that tells a person when to do what to do and how to do. If a player takes time to learn the game, to manage the bankroll, to develop mental discipline and patience, he has a reasonable chance of building a long term win rate and vice versa.

We can also put it this way that winning a hand or two, or even a whole championship would be luck, but making it a mean of living would rather be more skill and experience. This is a very philosophical question and it’s really hard to choose one reason of victory in poker so they are basically considered as a blend of these three factors: skill, experience and luck.

There are exceptions but when it comes to being practical, every tiny bit of effort counts in. One can plot a move based on the odds, but he’d also need to know what are the odds of such and such card upcoming or even the odds that one of his challengers is already holding the card he needs. So basically it gets quite confusing if we start giving all the credit to just one key because poker Is a door which has multiple keys.